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6 Things brands can do to attract Gen Z

6 Things brands can do to attract Gen Z

Knowledge about the Z generation so people born in the second half of the 90s and later, is becoming crucial for business today. It is estimated that in a year’s time “Zets” will be one of the largest consumers group (about 40%). The pace of changes on the e-commerce market accelerates from year to year, and with them changes in the behavior and preferences of each generation of e-buyers. Is your business prepared to meet the generation Z expectations?


Interactive Z

The Z-et generation knows no time without the internet. Google search is their primary (and sometimes only) source of information. This is where they search for products, compare prices and opinions. They treat shopping as part of social life. According to research from www.retail-assist.co.uk, “Z” like to accumulate shopping, sometimes even postponing the final shopping until several products are available for them.

Develop a unique business model

Generation Z likes to stand out, and this motivates to look for innovative ways to create new products. Implement the concepts of uniqueness, consciously looking for results in the form of increasing consumer loyalty, reducing price or opportunities for developing online business.


Think of a new segmentation

“Z” are the first cross-border generation – its representatives, regardless of their country of origin, are distinguished by similar attitudes, interests and behaviours. Therefore, classic segmentation criteria based on geography, age or income will be less and less effective. The new way is based on internet and social media research.


Build an online community

The goal of such communities is not to sell the product directly, but to create space and opportunities for clients to interact with the product, interact with it, share information about it, and rate it, which will convert into a greater chance to recommend the brand. In order for customers to want to belong to this community, they should be offered knowledge, entertainment, a sense of community or other value so that they do not lose interest.


Boost engagement and interest

These experiences are more important for the Z generation than actual product description. Customize products to provide consumers with an optimal experience and keep the brand at the centre of consumer experience. To this may be useful knowledge about activities, occasions and rituals around which you can design experiences or events that deepen the relationship between the consumer and the brand.


Invest in social media

Generation Z expects direct interaction with brands through a thoughtful omnichannel proposal, in which integrated social media play a central role. It is worth answering the question how to use the potential of these media to develop P2P (peer-to-peer) marketing and increase sales.



To break through the information noise and reach the awareness of Z generation, you need to clearly and consistently inform what your brand is and what it stands for.



Z – Gen

Generation Z follows trends very easily. It is said that Generation X choked on advertising and was susceptible to it, but everything indicates that Z bests them in this respect. What’s more, they often succumb to it completely unknowingly. The brand is important to them, but at the same time they want the price to be rational, that is why high quality is important for them, but only if they will not overpay.