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How does digital onbording benefit the share economy industry

How does digital onbording benefit the share economy industry

The e-commerce market in Europe is constantly growing and has the potential to develop in the coming years. We are buying more and more online, using various payment methods, and the decision to buy online is mainly influenced by the lower price of products offered online and convenience.


Value of the consumer goods e-Commerce market

  1. UK –$ 86,45 Billion
  2. Germany – $70,35 Billion
  3. France – $49,43 Billion
  4. Netherlands – $14,03 Billion
  5. Spain – $16,69 Billion

Makes online purchase or pay bills online

  1. UK – 80%
  2. Germany – 81%
  3. France – 71%
  4. Netherlands – 72%
  5. Spain – 72%.

Why online?

People, considering what would prompt them to shop more frequently on the web, point to two main factors – low delivery costs and a price lower than in a traditional store. Respondents also appreciate fast delivery and access to discount codes.

When the decision to make a purchase is made, Internet users will read the opinions about the stores. For half of the buyers, they are the most important indicator of credibility during the first purchase on a given site. The second factor that increases confidence is the possibility of payment on delivery – e.g. in cash or by payment card.

Internet users predict that they will spend the same or more

1/3 of online buyers declare an increase in spending on e-shopping in the coming year, while half say that spending on products bought online will not change. The youngest respondents declare an increase in their expenses